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Stay Compliant with ACA OnDemand

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the latest law governing health insurance for American citizens. The ACA requires individuals to maintain health insurance, in addition to the coverage provided under insurance policies. Employers must adhere to the ACA when offering insurance to their employees, but there are constant changes and updates. We realize that these changes can be confusing to understand. Capital Payroll Partners offers ACA OnDemand to help you navigate the complexities.

What is ACA On Demand?

ACA On Demand is a new cloud-based software that ensures employers stay compliant with all facets of the Affordable Care Act when there are any updates or changes to the law. This program allows employers to document all decisions regarding healthcare as well as track those decisions monthly. Annual IRS reporting is provided as well.. ACA compliance documents are easily accessible at the click of a button, making management of your health care benefits easy and much less time consuming.

The Benefits of ACA On Demand

With the implementation of the ACA, managing health insurance has become difficult for employers. Additionally, there exists the possibility that the laws will change or state laws interfering with federal laws. There must be an easier way to ensure HR compliance in managing employee health care.

Capital Payroll Partners’ ACA OnDemand will make this process easier for the employer! Our software is consistently updated with the latest regulations. It allows for documentation of an employer’s decisions, tracking of those decisions on a monthly basis, and annual IRS reporting so you can make the best decision for your business. You can easily access ACA compliance documents which will empower you to document an ACA strategy, track employee hours, and create the documentation necessary to avoid costly penalties.

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