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Human Resources Employee Development & Management

One key component of human resources is employee development and management. A well-developed, happy employee base allows a company to thrive. Capital Payroll understands a business is only as successful as the culture that has been developed and communicated to its employees. That is why we have developed state-of-the-art management tools to help manage your human capital and make sure each employee is growing along with your business, presenting a unified, cohesive unit. Our systems allow employers the opportunity to create company organizational charts, assign tasks to one employee or an entire group, send company-wide announcements, track employee information and key company events, and so much more. It makes the task of human resources employee development and management easy and efficient, saving you time and money.

Our human resources development and management system does not end with the employee. Capital Payroll offers a fully trained HR Support Center to help with any and all human resources issues, such as compliance and even creating an employee handbook. This support center saves you time to run your business and money by not hiring a full human resources team. A key function of successful HR programs is to help employees become and stay engaged and productive.  Done right, it can result in higher sales growth, faster profit growth and lower turnover.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Impactful HR manages employee’s risk across an entire organization, with harassment prevention policies at the forefront,  State regulations continue to be enacted for ongoing training of all employees, not just managers.  Minimizing risk requires constant vigilance across your entire workforce. 

Capital Payroll recognizes the value training and development contributes to an organization’s success and we are excited to expand our business partnership by offering you an LMS platform, LEARN, an invaluable employee development tool.  There are hundreds of course offerings to choose depending on your organization’s needs.

Completing courses to improve communication skills, mitigate workplace harassment, and address behaviors that can lead to discrimination and organizational silos contribute to increased job satisfaction and morale among employees, decreased turnover, and preempt issues before they become catastrophic. LEARN provides you an opportunity to further invest in your employees development and expand their knowledge – win-win.

HR Background Checks & Employment Verification

In today’s world, an employer can never assume a new hire has a clear background. That is why Capital Payroll has partnered with National Crime Search, a national background check, drug screening, and employment eligibility verification company, to provide its clients with affordable background screenings of potential employees. These screenings have been proven to reduce the risk of employment theft, fraud, and embezzlement, as well as potential employment related legal issues. This is one more way in which Capital Payroll is working as your human resources partner to protect your human capital.

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Payroll Compliance

Labor Law Poster Program

Capital Payroll has partnered with Poster Elite to provide our clients with an affordable solution for complying with government laws requiring postings. Any business with one or more paid employees that is not a family member is required to display current labor law notices (also known as postings) in their place of business. The notices must be displayed in an unlocked, unblocked area visible to applicants and employees. When a mandatory change occurs in State or Federal Labor Law posting requirements, we will automatically email you an updated ready-to-print posting so you’re always in compliance. 

This obligation extends to remote employees as well, in which we offer an e-poster solution with digital service accessed through an online platform. With a growing workforce of remote employees, this is now more important than ever. 

Ensure that your business is compliant with each of these regulations. Lawsuits and employee disputes are being announced in the news every day.

Pay Cards

Capital Payroll is always looking for ways to save you time and money, and increasing direct deposits is a great way to do both. We make it easy to offer direct deposit to more of your employees through our partnership with NatPay Paycards. Benefits to you:

  • 1

    Reduce the expense and hassle of issuing checks

  • 2

    Save time on bookkeeping and deliver faster payments to employees

  • 3

    Increased control over funds with automated tracking

  • 4

    Reduced risk of fraud or lost checks

  • 5

    Increased flexibility to send payments whenever you choose

401(k) Retirement Plans

Capital Payroll has partnered with Human Interest, a modern 401(k) and 403(b) provider built for small and medium businesses, to make it easy and affordable for you, our customers, to offer a retirement benefit to your employees. With 88% of employees stating that a retirement benefit is a must when looking for a new job, one significant way to attract and retain employees is offering comprehensive benefits packages with a clear path to save for retirement.

Capital Payroll and Human Interest are integrated – so administration is simple and easy for you and your employees.



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