Payroll Services for Small Business

Specialized Payroll Solutions for Small Businesses

We Are Small Business Payroll Experts

  • Easy Setup and Onboarding

    It’s never been easier (and it makes more sense than ever) to outsource payroll services for your small business. Save time, money and frustration. Start focusing on what you do best – running your business!

  • A Specialized Solution for Small Business

    For decades, we’ve provided payroll services to hundreds of small businesses in a multitude of industries – and now we specialize in coming up with catered solutions for each and every one of them.

    We are small business payroll experts.

  • We Know All of the Rules... So You Don't Need To!

    Capital Payroll Partners handles compliance, recordkeeping, and updating employee information every payroll cycle.

  • On Demand, Self-Service Payroll Access

    Our MyGO Employee Portal allows your employees to access all of their payroll information and data, when they need it, and on whichever device they choose.

  • Automated End of Year Taxes and Filing

    Figuring out payroll taxes, when they’re due, and how to file them correctly can be one of the most stressful tasks you do all year as a small business. However, we’re here to help – we take care of all of your tax payments and filing.

    Our payroll services allow you to be much more accurate with much less stress. A true win-win!

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