Hiring & Onboarding

Manage the Hiring & Onboarding Process Effortlessly

Take Your Hiring Process to the Next Level

The hiring process can be a time-consuming endeavor. The process typically begins with you posting the open position in different mediums such as the classifieds, job boards, and websites. From there, you spend hours upon hours reviewing countless resumes to determine the best candidate to invite to an in-person interview. Once you have completed the interview process, you may finally make your new hire decision, only to be faced with the dreaded onboarding process. Capital Payroll helps to make the employee onboarding process an easy follow up to the hiring process, making the beginning of the new employee’s career within your company a welcoming and pleasant experience for all who are involved.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Our Hire on the GO fully integrates the applicant tracking process to help find and hire great employees.  Post jobs online to dozens of job boards, accept resumes, sort through applicants and seamlessly onboard new hires into Employer on the GO.  Let Capital Payroll help you automate the process and simplify hiring.  Here is what Hire on the GO can do for you.

  • Automate employee onboarding

  • Online partnerships with the best online portals to post and manage job openings

  • Automated tracking of the application status for each prospective new hire

  • Interoffice sharing of resumes and applicant information for review

  • Customizable email templates for communication

  • Automated screening questions to sort through applicants efficiently

  • Applicant ranking

  • Automated follow-up written responses for interviews throughout the process

Onboarding with Ease

Capital Payroll makes the onboarding experience simple.  The system allows you to send a welcoming message with access to all of the information that your new hire will need to complete.  Once completed, they seamlessly flow into Employer on the GO for payroll.  You can now rest assured that your new employee has completed all of the tasks necessary to become part of the work culture and understand his or her responsibilities.

Save a Tree. Go Paperless

As we all know, the onboarding process results in a lot of paperwork that can bury you and your HR Department for days or even weeks.  Capital Payroll has eliminated much of this by allowing your new hire to electronically complete all federal and state documents, company documents, policies and direct deposit information.  You can also customize documents to have them either sign or acknowledge all while keeping it stored in the cloud.  You and the environment will be much happier. Contact us todayy to find out how we can help your business be more efficient.

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