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CPAs are some of our most valuable partners. Learn how we can help each other!

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Let Capital Payroll be a resource you can trust to take care of your clients and others you send our way. With over 20 years of experience, we know this business better than anyone and our clients can attest to our reliability and knowledge.

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We love working with CPAs, and have incredibly beneficially mutual partnerships with them. We also serve other industries!

CPAs and Accountants

When you partner with Capital Payroll, rest assured that your clients are taken care of. Over one-third of our payroll clients were referred to us by accountants who are satisfied with our products and services and continue to send us referrals. Capital Payroll can design a custom solution for both you and your clients in order to provide the exact service you’re looking for and become a profitable revenue stream at the same time. We can offer you:

  • Discounted payroll opportunities

    When you partner with Capital Payroll Partners we can offer discounted payroll processing to your firm.

  • Revenue sharing opportunities

    Make payroll a profitable revenue stream for your firm while providing them with a dependable payroll solution.

  • Single sign-on

    One convenient log-in for all of your clients. No need to keep track of multiple log-ins.

  • Client information access

    Immediate and secure online access to all your clients’ payroll reports, W-2 information, tax payments and more.

  • Easy company setup

    We’ll personally walk you and your clients through the entire setup process and make sure everyone’s ready to go for payday.

  • Automatic tax filing

    We calculate and pay all employee quarterly and year-end taxes so you don’t have to worry about the constantly changing rules and regulations.

  • Software integrations

    We integrate with QuickBooks and Peachtree software to streamline your back-office business management.

Insurance Agents

Capital Payroll provides added benefit to the extensive role of the insurance agent. Instead of trying to offer the same services to your clients, the role of Capital Payroll is to streamline the enrollment process for your clients, integrating the benefits packages into the payroll process. The services simply make your clients know you are the best, most technologically advanced company with who to work.

  • Report employer benefit contributions on employee W-2’s

  • Connections to many healthcare carriers

  • Access to client census data

  • Easily track employee information for plan eligibility

  • Download copies of Employee Contribution Reports and company Payroll Registers

  • Reduce administrative work by providing real-time communications of new-hire and terminations by your client

  • Deduction-level direct deposit into Health Savings Accounts

TPA’s and Financial Advisors

The financial advisor helps the client save for retirement and other unforeseen circumstances. Payroll companies have been known to try to take those services away from financial advisors and sell the end client a different product line. Capital Payroll has no interest in being a financial advisor to your clients. The truth is, you have the proper tools to advise your clients. Capital Payroll is an expert at payroll services, not financial planning.

  • Integration with leading money managers and the power to create a customer upload file for anyone

  • Ability to accept and/or share participant changes (salary deferral changes, loans, etc.)

  • Ability to create a census file to streamline Form 5500 preparation

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