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Let the Power of the Cloud Help Improve Your Bottom Line

As a business owner, we understand that your employees are essential. Making sure they are paid accurately and on time is crucial. Monitoring those hours your employees work can be done utilizing a variety of tools. Capital Payroll Partners offer cloud-based solutions including clocking-in with a mobile device, tablet, computer, proximity card, finger print, or swipe card. Moreover, our reporting package capabilities empower you to track, analyze and adjust, as necessary, to ensure compliance, control overtime, reduce errors and optimize profits.

time & attendance

Cloud-based Timekeeping

Capital Payroll Partners’ MYGO mobile application timesheet makes tracking your employees’ hours easy. After they clock in and out for the day, you will be able to monitor actual hours worked in real-time and adjust or approve accordingly. Other features available include approving  online timecards, allowing employees access to view their time and attendance, reporting tips, and job or department specific transactions. These capabilities empower you to closely monitor time worked to increase your bottom line.

Physical Time and Attendance Products

While cloud-based timekeeping is an option, you may prefer or need to use real-time physical time and attendance devices. We utilize a variety of traditional time clocks which seamlessly connect to allow payroll to be entered automatically. You can choose from Card Swipe, Proximity Card, Key Fob, or Biometric Fingerprint Scan clocks.

GPS Time and Attendance

Using Employer on the GO, you are able to monitor exactly where your employees clock in and out. This feature works seamlessly with our MYGO Mobile App and is ideal for enabling accountability for on location jobs such as delivery drivers and your mobile workforce. GPS Time and Attendance is perfect for setting up Geo-fencing which allows time punches in permitted locations only. 

Discover the Time & Attendance Features

Capital Payroll’s time & attendance features provide real-time access to assist you in managing each employee’s payroll thereby ensuring that you keep labor costs where you want them while maintaining a productive workforce.  Our reporting library will allow for viewing of:

  • Web & Biometric Time Clocks

  • GPS Timekeeping

  • Scheduling

  • Missed Punch Corrections

  • Company In/Out Board

  • Employee/Manager Time Card Approvals

  • Approaching Overtime

  • Job Tracking

  • Track Breaks & Lunch

  • Tips Reporting

  • Piece Work

  • Shift Reporting

  • Variable Pay

  • Location & Department Reporting

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Time & Attendance keeping can be tedious when you have wrong solution. At Capital Payroll Partners, we think we have the right solution for you, and would love to help you implement it at your business.

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