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Are Your Employees… Employees?

Are you sure you’re classifying… and paying… each of your employees correctly? The determination between whether an employee is a standard employee or an independent contractor has always been a source confusion and frustration. It’s essential for businesses to get it right, because the consequences can be costly. Fortunately, the IRS has some fairly clear… Continue reading Are Your Employees… Employees?

Becoming a Great Remote Leader

Let’s face it… the pandemic has changed how the working world works. Whether it’s a permanent change remains to be seen, but for now, companies must embrace the new normal. With quarantines, mask mandates, varying vaccination statuses, it’s become a simpler and better option for a huge number of workers from different industries to work… Continue reading Becoming a Great Remote Leader

FLSA Mistakes To Avoid

Almost every employer is required to adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act – the FLSA. However, that’s oftentimes easier said than done. The FLSA is a complex framework, and mistakes are both common and costly – especially for smaller businesses. The Fair Labor Standards Act was enacted in 1938 after a rising demand for… Continue reading FLSA Mistakes To Avoid

Paperless Payroll

Paperless payroll is, as the name implies, a paper-free (digital) payroll fulfillment process that has gained a massive amount of popularity in recent years – which was accelerated by the pandemic. There are tons of benefits to switching away from the traditional payroll process – benefits which we’ll list below! Keep reading… The Benefits Of… Continue reading Paperless Payroll

Paid Vacation Rules

Paid vacation is one of the most common employee benefits offered by employers. Employers are in control when determining home many days of vacation to offer, who can take vacation, how paid vacation days accrues, and when vacation days can be used – so long as they adhere to state regulations. While there are few… Continue reading Paid Vacation Rules