Remote Onboarding in the Modern Age

There’s something to be said for starting off on the right foot, and if your onboarding process is antiquated, cumbersome or not representative of your company’s capabilities and culture, it can send the wrong message from the get-go. A well-defined but flexible onboarding process can be the difference between a new star employee and having to restart the hiring process. In today’s post-pandemic environment, flexibility is synonymous with remote – and this is no different! A remote onboarding process has numerous benefits, and while there is absolutely still value in in-person onboarding, it’s no longer mandatory for every employee. Keep reading to learn more about how remote onboarding can help your business retain talent!

Technology is the Future… and the Present

These days, Millennials and Gen Z make up the majority of the hirable talent pool. Most of Gen Z has had the internet at their fingertips and a cell phone in hand since they were pre-teens, and while millennials might be the last people that remember what life was like before the internet, even they are incredibly tech-savvy. These tech-focused individuals both gravitate towards and greatly appreciate the use of efficiency and productivity enhancing software and technology – so much so that the absence of this tech can leave an irredeemably bad impression on a hire from either of these generations.

So ditch the carbon-copy forms, stuffy VHS training videos, and the need for a voided check for direct deposit. Move your company’s training, onboarding, and payroll into modernity (by going all digital and remote) and your young hires will appreciate it.

A Nationwide Talent Pool

Remote work is here to stay, and while forward-thinking companies are adapting, the rest are going less quietly. However, it’s not all bad! When in-person work is no longer required, the geographical limitations of who you can hire go out the window. No longer is your talent pool dependent on how long of a drive it is to the office, or your business’ proximity to the highway. Companies in Montana can now hire employees in NY, and vice versa. Of course, at the core of all of this is your ability to perform remote onboarding… so you better start coming up with a plan now!

Remote Onboarding Will Save Time and Money while Increasing Engagement

The onboarding process takes time, and as a business owner you know that time equals money. If your HR department or team is bogged down in both filling out administrative paperwork for your new hire, and making sure the new hire has filled out his, they’re wasting valuable time… time that could be used to grow your business or orient your new hire to their new position. There’s a better way!

Remote onboarding solves this problem by making the process dependent on the new hire, while giving them the tools to track their progress. Both of these factors increase engagement and makes the integration of the new employee. Think of the process for going to a doctor these days: you’re asked (often required) to fill out a handful of forms before even arriving at the office for your appointment. Doing so saves every one time – which means saving money.

Furthermore, asking the new hire to step up right off the bat is an early litmus test of their capability and culture fit for your office. If they can’t be bothered to even fill out the forms as needed, they might not be as interested in the job as you’d like… or you might not be interested in them. Either way, knowing that information early is invaluable, as if needed you can restart the hiring process without investing precious time and money into an un-engaged hire.

It’s Time to Come Up with a Remote Onboarding Plan

With the use of our MyGO software, you can easily invite your new hires to a completely digital and customized onboarding experience. They’ll enter all the relevant information you need so you don’t have to. They will also eSign all of their tax documents and any other custom company documents you want them to eSign prior to starting work. Not only will this save you time, but also the hassle of having to store paper documents. Want to see a demo? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to walk you through it all. Or, if you’re ready to get down to brass tacks – request a free price quote today!

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